The name is Chibiko! But you can also call me Yaya. I'm a 17 year old High school girl struggling to balance school and my secret (not so secret) manga life! I'm such a hardcore otaku. Sometimes I post Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural.....awesome T.V shows and crud. Lets just say I'm a mulitfandom blog but I mainly post manga/anime! Hopefully you guys check my tumblr out~ feel free to stay and talk :) I'd love to get to know you!

Manga Freak Chibiko
it’s a metaphor, you see. you put the bathtub in the bathroom, but you don’t give it the power to overflow.
Augustus Waters Benedick Hobbes, probably (via showtheworldyourprettyface)

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» My Relationship Goals Summed Up In One Video


If I can find someone to do this with:


And this:


But who will still look at me like this:


And kiss me like this:


I will consider my love life a success.


step one: look in the mirror.

step two: repeat after me - I am worth it. I am important. I bring things to this world no one else can. I’m fucking fantastic. I deserve to be happy.

step three: repeat as needed

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